A. Simple all you have to do is contact us, then you fill out an application. Next provide us with a verified monitoring site you have been montiored including all (if any) social media accounts. If you don't have a verified monitoring service, no problem. We will monitor you for some time on an off site for a length of time to be determined. 

2. Does it cost anything to be monitored by VSP? 

A. Yes, a refundable $50 deposit is required. It is refunded upon your completion of success to be hired or denied application. If you just suddenly quit after one week becasue you go 1-7 then it is not returned. A set time of monitoring will be determined providing the credentials you provide. 

3. How do I manage in comparison to your unit theory to mine? 

A. We show $100 per unit. This is because the average bettor usually stays in this kind of range. Our Sharps of course bet more then what's recommended however, if you feel confident enough to splurge with us then by all means. The Unit system is strictly used by our sharps to show their confidence in the play, while, at the same time managing money responsibly. 1 Unit plays can just as well win as a 2-3-4 unit play and so on the difference is they may like the play but want to manage money responsibly after all that is how profits are maximized in this industry Money Management. Our Sharps are good and won't bet to just bet something. They bet becasue they really like something.
On Another note: Please be aware that rough times can be in store. Even sharps lose. The best Sharp Bettors out there win consistently LONG TERM 2+ yrs 55-58% of the time. That's it. So when things do start feeling shaky on your package (sharp) be sure to utilize the unit sytem into percentages. Bet only the unit number percentage of your bankroll. 

If you have any other questions, please use the contact form or utilize our live agent chat in the bottom right corner of your screen on the homepage (If agent is available) 

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