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The only true home of actual Sharp Plays. You don't have to read lines and gauge RLM's or Steam moves anymore. You are with the sharps, you have the actual moves so there is no need to guess anymore of sharp movement. Our team consists of a sharp line mover for 25+ years,  A legitimate whale sharp betting group and now would like to welcome an official named sharp of the Westgate Sportsbook.

We also offer something called Consensus Plays. A Consensus play is when all of our sharps agree on a play or two that they like on the day turning it into a consensus. These plays have provided to be a consistent money making source. All our sharps provide great quality of picks but we must understand there will be an off day or two and even a week on occasion, it is rare but does happen when the month isn't great as well. We do back our sharps with a guarantee of profit satisfaction in which if you aren't satisfied in your profits we'll compensate a fair amount back.

VSP has been in business for a little over 2 years now. We do agree with some client feedback we've gotten over the last couple years. We are a premium brand. Just like when you go shopping there are generic based brands and premium ones which tend to be slightly more money. Though our prices aren't the same as the generic knockoffs we like to think we are affordable as well for all our content offered. You will make more then what you put into us and we have no doubt of that . A lot of people ask, "Why pay for picks?" We wrote an article to help your confidence that you are doing the right thing as we understand it's right for some and wrong for others you can Read that here near the bottom of the page. We use a money management system which you can find any questions to right HERE if money Management is something you may need help with. We also offer some Wager Tips click that box to reveal some gambling codes of control of oneself. In the end we're not here to do a bunch of talking, we let our numbers speak for ourselves so we'll keep this short. Time to Start Winning! 

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Why did we wait so long? Well the truth is with many malicious sites and handicappers out there to go along with impersonations we tend to stay off social media however we just recently opened our first with twitter to expand our clientele As we grow we will expand our client base even more. Make sure to click our twitter link on the left to get the real deal account. We'll be holding contests and giving away cash and prizes on the account.


*This Package is offered once per year (usually the Sunday before Easter Sunday). With this package you become a Member for Life 10/25 year min. You get all Plays offered on this site from our Sharps and Consensus Price varies so please use our contact support on faq/support page of site. 

**Financing is available. Payment terms are determined by previous year of total cost of all packaged plays/sharps offerered. All Financed plans are required for a price lock guarantee of $950 Payment Monthly after package cost is finished for the 1st year per account. This price lock is guaranteed for when a new sharp is added to the site and covers any months that are below -$2500.00 for a full refund.