Jason Larkin

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We are excited to introduce a new contributor to our site. Meet Jason Larkin. Jason is an official named sharp at the Westgate Sportsbook. The newest member of our team is known for his stylish passive-agressive approach in betting and when to pounce and when to stay in place. Jason thrives on about 1 play a day style and only hits numbers hard when he is most confident. Jason stays within his range of sports well and his disciplined enough to know when to bet high and low according to a bankroll. Jason has at one time hit an 8-leg parlay that paid out nearly 110 thousand dollars. Though Jason stays away from parlays now, he is still a force to the sportsbooks with high win percentages in NFL, NCAAB, and MLB. 

Jason's Stats are by the Sport's Season. They are cleared and erased when a new Season Begins in the sport! Please Click Here for how we advise our unit plays and what they mean. Jason recently joined our team and his MLB stats are starting from 7/30.  If you don't see a package you like be sure to contact us on our support page and we'll arrange a custom fitted package thats right for you. You may also utilize our live chat for assistance as well when it is available. 

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 Daily Pick from Jason Larkin

Westgate Sharp Jason Larkin daily single package is now available. This package includes all plays Jason has for the day. Please make sure Jason has a play posted before purchasing. 


 3 Day Jason Larkin Package

You get a 3 day package from Jason Larkin. Get whatever pick(s) Jason has on his board for that day. Jason is an official named sharp at the westgate sportsbook. He delivers the goods. And crushes books in Ncaab, MLB, and Ncaaf.


 2 Week Jason Larkin All Sports Package

This is a 2 Week Package offered by Jason Larkin who is an official Named Sharp at the Westgate Sportsbook. Jason offers a a minimum of 10 plays in this package with a guarantee profit. Check in with us to learn guarantee details


 1 Month Jason Larkin All Sports Package

Jason Larkin offers a month long subscription with All Sports at least 18 Plays and a guaranteed profit for the month or the next month is Free on him. 



DO NOT purchase from site. No refunds will be issued. This package is only available on selected dates in headline.

*This Package is offered once per year (usually the Sunday before Easter Sunday). With this package you become a Member for Life 10/25 year min. You get all Plays offered on this site from our Sharps and Consensus Price varies so please use our contact support on faq/support page of site. Please see bottom of homepage for more details or contact support. If this package is purchased accidently you will be given Credit in the listed amount



Statistics Per Individual Sport
  Sport   Wins Losses ROI Win %
  NFL1   2   -480.00   33 %  
  NCAAF4   8   -1466.00   33 %  
  NBA19   11   1543.00   63 %  
  NCAAB59   44   4259.00   57 %  
  MLB68   46   7263.00   60 %  
  NHL9   11   -298.00   45 %  
  CFL1   3   -670.00   25 %  
  WNBA3   1   900.00   75 %  
  USFL1   0   300.00   100 %  
  MMA21   14   758.00   60 %  
  Soccer2   3   -270.00   40 %  
  Tennis12   4   2851.00   75 %  
  Golf0   0   0.00   0 %  
  Nascar1   0   400.00   100 %  
  Past 30 Days 13   15   -1001.00   46 %  
  Season Totals 201   147   15090.00   58 %  

*Return on Investment (ROI) figure above represents profits
made based on a $100 per unit risk amount.


Past 30 Days Plays

  September 29, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Utah vs. Oregon State
    PICK: over 43 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 29, 2023   
    (MLB)   Cincinnati Reds vs. St Louis Cardinals
    PICK: Cincinnati Reds -108 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 26, 2023   
    (MLB)   Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves
    PICK: over 9.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 26, 2023   
    (MLB)   Kansas City Royals vs. Detroit Tigers
    PICK: Kansas City Royals 135 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 24, 2023   
    (NFL)   Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
    PICK: over 43.5 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 23, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Arizona vs. Stanford
    PICK: Arizona -13 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 23, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Oregon State vs. Washington State
    PICK: Oregon State -3 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 22, 2023   
    (MLB)   Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Guardians
    PICK: Cleveland Guardians -114 RISK 5 UNITS (WIN)
  September 21, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Georgia State vs. Coastal Carolina
    PICK: Coastal Carolina -5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 20, 2023   
    (MLB)   Colorado Rockies vs. San Diego Padres
    PICK: Colorado Rockies 1.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 18, 2023   
    (MLB)   Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
    PICK: over 8 RISK 8 UNITS (WIN)
  September 17, 2023   
    (MLB)   Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Angels
    PICK: over 8.5 RISK 5 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 17, 2023   
    (NFL)   San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams
    PICK: Los Angeles Rams 7 RISK 3 UNITS (PUSH)
  September 16, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Washington vs. Michigan State
    PICK: Washington -16 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 15, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Virginia vs. Maryland
    PICK: Virginia 15.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 14, 2023   
    (MLB)   Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Mets
    PICK: over 7 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 12, 2023   
    (MLB)   St Louis Cardinals vs. Baltimore Orioles
    PICK: over 11 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 10, 2023   
    (NFL)   Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts
    PICK: under 46 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 09, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Ohio vs. Florida Atlantic
    PICK: under 63 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 09, 2023   
    (MLB)   Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers
    PICK: under 9 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 08, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Illinois vs. Kansas
    PICK: under 57.5 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 08, 2023   
    (MLB)   Oakland Athletics vs. Texas Rangers
    PICK: under 8.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 07, 2023   
    (NFL)   Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs
    PICK: Kansas City Chiefs -4 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 06, 2023   
    (MLB)   Baltimore Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels
    PICK: under 8.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 05, 2023   
    (MLB)   San Francisco Giants vs. Chicago Cubs
    PICK: San Francisco Giants 110 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 04, 2023   
    (MLB)   Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays
    PICK: over 8 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 03, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   LSU vs. Florida State
    PICK: Over 56.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 02, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   West Virginia vs. Penn State
    PICK: West Virginia 21 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 01, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Louisville vs. Georgia Tech
    PICK: Louisville -7 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)