Victory Sports Sharp Group


Definition: They may be focused on one or more sports. A sharp can be an individual or a group of people (sometimes called “betting syndicates”) and they are known as serious investors when it comes to betting. A casual, recreational gambler doesn’t qualify as a sharp. A sharp is also typically respected by sportsbooks and oddsmakers.

*Prices may change occasionally including SALE OFFERS!
VSSG is a Sports Betting Sharp Group of 4 who analyze the sportsbooks lines and make mathematical equations to make a profit off the books line mistakes. This Sharp Betting Group is a co-founder to the VSP company and are simply here to provide the sports bettor with the upper hand advantage to beat the books and get more money into your pocket. VSSG has been a group since late 2015 betting together and maximizing profits. Well known for the 50 Unit plays which is the max plays we can document at $100 a unit scale. These guys make money plain and simple. VSSG top 3 win rates are in MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF

VSSG's Stats are by the Sport's Season. They are cleared and erased when a new Season Begins in the sport! Please Click Here for how we advise our unit plays and what they mean.  If you don't see a package you like be sure to contact us on our support page and we'll arrange a custom fitted package thats right for you. You may also utilize our live chat for assistance as well when it is available. 

Pending Plays are usually displayed between 30-120 minutes after game starts


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This package is for 1 day - All picks from VSSG on this day. We want you to win so if this pick does not win we credit your account for free until you have made a profit of at least twice what was paid. 


 NHL Season Package

Get the enitre NHL season from VSSG. Payment Plans available by email. Contact us on the support page


 VSSG 1 Month All Plays

VSSG 1 month package with a minimum of 17 Plays included in this package. More often than not you will get more than 17 plays. By choosing a month you can save up to $300 in comparison to a daily package from the VSSG. 



Get VSSG Football Picks for an entire month. Every NFL or College Football pick they make you get. don't miss out to cash in on these guys football expertise. This package is guaranteed to make you cash or you get compensated back.


 VSSG 2 Months All Plays

VSSG 2 month all sports package comes with a full money back guarantee of making at least 3x what you paid. This package has a minimum of 35 Plays. Save some money and reach for the 2 months instead of the one. We don't disapppoint. 



Statistics Per Individual Sport
  Sport   Wins Losses ROI Win %
  NFL11   7   673.00   61 %  
  NCAAF18   12   2400.00   60 %  
  NBA0   1   -420.00   0 %  
  NCAAB65   38   8140.00   63 %  
  MLB99   60   8687.00   62 %  
  NHL3   1   96.00   75 %  
  WNBA7   6   -10.00   54 %  
  MMA38   25   5154.00   60 %  
  Past 30 Days 23   23   -857.00   50 %  
  Season Totals 241   150   24720.00   62 %  
  NFL 2020 23-12 66%/ NCAAF 40   21   5750   66 %  

*Return on Investment (ROI) figure above represents profits
made based on a $100 per unit risk amount.


Past 30 Days Plays

  October 20, 2021   
    (NBA)   Philadelphia 76ers vs. New Orleans Pelicans
    PICK: New Orleans Pelicans 4 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 18, 2021   
    (NHL)   Seattle Kraken vs. Philadelphia Flyers
    PICK: over 5.5 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  October 17, 2021   
    (NFL)   Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
    PICK: Chicago Bears 5.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 17, 2021   
    (NFL)   Arizona Cardinals vs. Cleveland Browns
    PICK: under 48 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 16, 2021   
    (MMA)   Carlos Felipe vs. Andrei Arlovski
    PICK: Carlos Felipe -110 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 16, 2021   
    (NHL)   Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Washington Capitals
    PICK: under 6.5 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  October 16, 2021   
    (MMA)   Brandon Davis vs. Danaa Batgerel
    PICK: Brandon Davis 130 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 16, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Troy vs. Texas State
    PICK: Texas State 7.5 RISK 6 UNITS (WIN)
  October 16, 2021   
    (MMA)   Andrew Sanchez vs. Bruno Silva
    PICK: Andrew Sanchez 133 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 16, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   VMI vs. Mercer
  October 15, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   California vs. Oregon
    PICK: California 13.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 15, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   California vs. Oregon
    PICK: over 53.5 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 15, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   San Diego State vs. San Jose State
    PICK: San Jose State 10 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 14, 2021   
    (NHL)   Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Ottawa Senators
    PICK: under 6 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  October 14, 2021   
    (NHL)   Seattle Kraken vs. Nashville Predators
    PICK: Nashville Predators -126 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 13, 2021   
    (NHL)   New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals
    PICK: under 6 RISK 3 UNITS (PUSH)
  October 12, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Appalachian State vs. UL Lafayette
    PICK: over 57 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 10, 2021   
    (NFL)   Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings
    PICK: Minnesota Vikings -10 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 10, 2021   
    (NFL)   Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
    PICK: over 48.5 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  October 10, 2021   
    (NFL)   Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs
    PICK: Kansas City Chiefs -2.5 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 09, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Florida State vs. North Carolina
    PICK: over 64 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 09, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Miami Ohio vs. Eastern Michigan
    PICK: Eastern Michigan 1.5 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  October 09, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Florida Atlantic vs. UAB
    PICK: under 49 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  October 08, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Temple vs. Cincinnati
    PICK: Temple 17.5 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  October 07, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Houston vs. Tulane
    PICK: over 60 RISK 5 UNITS (WIN)
  October 04, 2021   
    (NFL)   Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers
    PICK: Las Vegas Raiders 3 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 03, 2021   
    (NFL)   Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
    PICK: under 52 RISK 5 UNITS (WIN)
  October 02, 2021   
    (MMA)   Jared Gordon vs. Joe Solecki
    PICK: Jared Gordon 105 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 02, 2021   
    (MLB)   San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants
    PICK: over 8 RISK 5 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 02, 2021   
    (MMA)   Johnny Walker vs. Thiago Santos
    PICK: Johnny Walker 131 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 02, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Memphis vs. Temple
    PICK: over 30 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 02, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Texas vs. TCU
    PICK: under 31.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  October 01, 2021   
    (MLB)   Oakland Athletics vs. Houston Astros
    PICK: Oakland Athletics 124 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  October 01, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Iowa vs. Maryland
    PICK: Under 47.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 30, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Virginia vs. Miami Florida
    PICK: Miami Florida -3.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 28, 2021   
    (MLB)   Miami Marlins vs. New York Mets
    PICK: New York Mets -1.5 RISK 6 UNITS (WIN)
  September 26, 2021   
    (NFL)   Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
    PICK: Jacksonville Jaguars 7.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 25, 2021   
    (MMA)   Nasrat Haqparast vs. Dan Hooker
    PICK: Dan Hooker -155 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 25, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Ohio vs. Northwestern
    PICK: under 47.5 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 25, 2021   
    (MMA)   Brian Ortega vs. Alexander Volkanovski
    PICK: Brian Ortega 175 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 25, 2021   
    (MMA)   Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler
    PICK: Robbie Lawler -162 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 25, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Ohio vs. Northwestern
    PICK: Northwestern -14 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  September 25, 2021   
    (MMA)   Cody Brundage vs. Nick Maximov
    PICK: Cody Brundage 102 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 25, 2021   
    (MMA)   Jonathan Pearce vs. Omar Morales
    PICK: Omar Morales -140 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 25, 2021   
    (NCAAF)   Oregon State vs. USC
    PICK: Oregon State 11.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  September 24, 2021   
    (MLB)   Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
    PICK: Cleveland Indians 102 RISK 7 UNITS (LOSS)
  September 22, 2021   
    (MLB)   Baltimore Orioles vs. Philadelphia Phillies
    PICK: over 8 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)